1. Mask of Joy2:58

and the oranges
have ripened
on the tree

house is empty
roommates gone
leaving you
time aplenty

climb the ladder
weather beaten
in disrepair

savor what you can
the sweetest fruit
drips nectar
through your hands

Don’t you know
it doesn’t show/don’t let it show
when you hide behind a painted mask of joy

another year gone primed
another wrinkle
in the face
of time

the black lace scanties
against the smooth gold skin
of a never fading

the secret rendez vous
The stolen hours
robbed you of your

savor what you found
The ripened fruit
Falls rotten
To the ground


In this age of curated photo streams, we can spend our lives putting on a facade, a mask of joy instead of engaging in meaningful relationships. And meanwhile the years pass, “robbing us of our youth, the ripened fruit falling rotten to the ground”.

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SF Bay Area singer-­songwriter Y. Dan Rubinstein gives voice to the complexities of love and romance in the modern age and socially important issues.
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Mask of Joy

Release Date : September 28, 2019
Artist : Y. Dan Rubinstein
Format : Digital Download

“Mask of Joy” is the sixth single off of Y. Dan Rubinstein’s debut album ‘Stolen Moments’, set to be released summer of 2019.