1. I’ll Make You Smile Again3:09

I’ll boil the water
You can choose the tea
Steep it quickly, golden honey
And sip it quietly

Tell me all your dreams unbidden
Lay your sorrows bare
Will this moment live forever
or dissolve into thin air?

Show me all your secret places
your shoulders bare
embrace me in your suffering
and I’ll make you smile again


When you unburden yourself to another person, you take a weight off your soul and open yourself up to smile again, but it’s so hard to do.

y dan rubinstein

SF Bay Area singer-­songwriter, Y. Dan Rubinstein, gives voice to the complexities of love and romance in the modern age and socially important issues. Full bio here.

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I’ll Make You Smile Again

Release Date : May 3, 2019
Artist : Y. Dan Rubinstein
Format : Digital Download

“I’ll Make You Smile Again” is the third single off of Y. Dan Rubinstein’s debut album ‘Stolen Moments’.