1. Farewell Farewell Adieu2:49

Jammin crepes,
Hazelnut and chocolate flakes
The night that never ends
We danced and swayed as friends
Furtive smiles, the light embrace
Sleeveless gown, sheer black lace

He thought he loved you
He really needed you
Oh what could have been
Farewell, farewell, adieu

He thought he loved you
He really needed to
Yeah what should have been
Farewell, farewell, adieu

The years dissolve
Cobblestones and castle walls
The pounding, deafening beat
You glisten in the heat

The fired dough
The archway sing the final show
The pinot that we sipped
Taste of you lingered on my lips


What happens when former lovers reunite years after their separate relationships run their course?

y dan rubinstein

SF Bay Area singer-­songwriter, Y. Dan Rubinstein, gives voice to the complexities of love and romance in the modern age and socially important issues. Full bio here.

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Farewell Farewell Adieu

Release Date : July 26, 2019
Artist : Y. Dan Rubinstein
Format : Digital Download

“Farewell Farewell Adieu” is the fourth single off of Y. Dan Rubinstein’s debut album ‘Stolen Moments’.