1. Don't Break What You Can Not Fix3:03

Don’t act so surprised, when you realized
that I meant what I said

you were the one who, told me you wanted to
change everything instead

things that we never dreamed, plots that we’d only schemed
fibers woven to thread

you loved me when I needed it, the emptiness receded
welcome to this black widow web

don’t fight, no don’t resist,
it’s easier to insist,
and break what you can not fix

another insanity, a half baked depravity
facts and truths to shred

ill conceived action, verbal distraction
for lovers to love, and haters to spread

you’ll tire my dear, of this constant fear
of the overhanging threat

built in a thousand years, blink and it disappears
the illusions we shed

don’t fight no don’t resist,
it’s easier to insist
and break what you can not fix


There is an old saying that “Ten wise men can not fix what one fool breaks” and it struck me how in these times, important decisions are being made that will have long term repercussions and that will be very hard to repair and undo. It seems like there is a constant stream of examples where actions are being taken before they are fully thought through to try and address issues and instead of fixing them, making them much worse. e.g. Separating families at the border without keeping track of the kids properly; wrapping the US side of existing border walls with concertina wire transforming US border towns into prison-like settings; bailing out of carbon emission treaties instead of setting an example through our leadership; trying to overturn the Affordable Care Act; reducing taxes on the wealthy etc…

The irony is that the people who are going to be most negatively affected by these policies are precisely the ones who voted for this administration.

The lyrics were intentionally written to be interpreted to be between two lovers, one who is a narcissist bent on destruction. The other is attracted to the display of strength but ultimately when you break what you can not fix, everyone suffers.

... traditional folk rock with a mix of complex jazz leads and Latin rhythm, perfect for the lyrics with a political overtoneJazz..u

Rubinstein has a lovely voice and musically this is just fine. Lyrically is where he does the most work though... melodic and likable, what's underneath the surface ... will stay with you... Strong cafe rock ... in the vein of a modern-day Woody Guthrie.Now Hear This

... a jazzy folk vibe is elicited with tantalizing Latin rhythms. The track has a happening acoustic vibe that also pervades with a fiery feel. The track is filled with passion and emotion as sultry sounds on the guitar and drumming backbeat ignites a passionate and expressive display of emotion.

The song is a metaphor for our political times. This is a stirring single with conscientious lyrics of our social and political forefront.Stars & Celebs

“Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix” opens on an oozing jazz melody riding a tropical groove. Full of smooth textures and glistening surfaces, the harmonics undulate with creamy sensual savors. Rubinstein’s voice delivers a sing-songy flow on gentle, dulcet tones.Tattoo

...the single expresses a mixture of concern, reflecting, and activism all rolled up into one. Musicians like Y. Dan Rubinstein may not fill your car radio’s playlist day in and day out, but I can picture at a show a whole audience being moved by his activism and musicianship driving the steering wheel of inspiration.The Music Court

Musically, I am just such a huge fan of this song- of its style because it feels like certain artists but it isn't them and it just has its own sound....
Y. Dan Rubinstein has no wasted notes and this song will hopefully lead to many more as insightful in the lyrics as it is unique in its sound.raised || by || cassettes

"...beautifully played guitar, gorgeously produced with warmth and honesty... inspired. Clever lyrics and thoughtful themes... Poetic, focused and moving."NoHo Arts

With beautiful, relaxing, jazzy guitar tones, a foot tappin’ rhythm, and Rubinstein’s sincere, genuine vocal performance, Don’t Break What You Cannot Fix is a light-hearted way to approach heavy subject matter.Indie Music Discovery

SF Bay Area singer-­songwriter Y. Dan Rubinstein gives voice to the complexities of love and romance in the modern age and socially important issues.
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Don’t Break What You Can Not Fix

Release Date : March 29, 2019
Artist : Y. Dan Rubinstein
Format : Digital Download

“Don’t Break What You Can Not Fix” is the first single off of Y. Dan Rubinstein’s debut album ‘Stolen Moments’, set to be released summer of 2019.